The Peach
Gender Male
Hair Black (mostly bald)
Eyes Blue
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation (none)
Weapons/Equipment Guns, peaches
First Appearance Danger Girl #1
"You crazy bastard!"
The Peach yelling at Francois [src]

The Peach is a special weapons smuggler that worked for the former Soviet Union. He loves to eat peaches.


"So many people these days are so...unprofessional."
The Peach [src]

During the Cold War, The Peach smuggled weapons to the Soviets. Since the formation of Danger Girl, The Peach has been closely watched by the spy organization.

The Peach headed to Paris, France to meet with Rico Lugosi and acquire an ancient shield. The people he was getting it for were going to pay him handsomely for it. The Peach ended up killing Rico, stealing the shield, and attempted to escape. But Abbey Chase was hot on his trail.

The Danger Girls tracked The Peach to the soiree at Hammer's Switzerland mansion, where Abbey knocked him unconscious with a bottle of champagne and took the shield.


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