Silicon Valerie
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation Danger Girl
Weapons/Equipment anything electronic
First Appearance Danger Girl Preview
"It says here that she's a DiCaprio fan, so she can't be all bad."
Silicon Valerie referring to Abbey Chase [src]

Silicon Valerie is a member of Danger Girl. She's the techie that stays at headquarters and monitors the missions.


"She's got a nuclear powered cell, two G-07 creep motors, binary grapplers..."
Silicon Valerie describing the Sea Turtle [src]

Valerie is the youngest of the group. She is a computer and communications genius, having been able to understand them at an extremely young age. Unfortunately because of her age, she is often distracted by boys, video games and celebrity hunks.

For the most part, Valerie stays behind the scenes and is involved in the missions via radio. She did in fact go out in the field when they headed for Eddy Owen's house in England and was nearly killed.

Val and Deuce helped rescue Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda when Hammer Island was destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The technical genius Silicon Valerie was named after Silicon Valley, the region of California with the largest technology corporations.


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