Natalia Kassle
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Place of Birth Russia
Affiliation Hammer,

Danger Girl (undercover)

Weapons/Equipment Knives
First Appearance Danger Girl Preview
"She just better stay out of my way!"
Natalia Kassle [src]

Natalia Kassle is a former Danger Girl who turned out to be working for their enemy, Hammer.


"Rather rude of you, no?"
Natalia Kassle [src]

In her early years, Natalia was a Russian intelligence agent. She was also a combat trainer and extremely skilled with the use of knives. It was those exceptional skills that got her recruited into Danger Girl.

Having rescued Abbey Chase from the waterfall in Costa Rica, Natalia was the first Danger Girl Abbey encountered. Right from the start, she was pretty mean to Abbey and made it quite clear that she didn't like her.

Natalia faked her own death while in England, making the Danger Girls think she was dead. But Natalia made her presence known while Abbey was trapped in the Sea Turtle deep under water, and she revealed that she was part of Hammer.

Later, during the battle on Hammer Island, Natalia fell out of a helicopter and to her death as she hit the explosions below.

Behind the scenesEdit

While on the Danger Yacht after rescuing Abbey, Natalia is seen wearing a white bathing suit remarkably similar to the suit worn by Honey Ryder in the James Bond film Dr. No.


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