Major Maxim
Gender Male/Cyborg
Hair (unknown)
Eyes Red lights
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation Hammer
Weapons/Equipment Brute strength
First Appearance Danger Girl 3
"Your insolence has exhausted my patience."
Major Maxim speaking to Eddy Owen [src]

Major Maxim is a Major for Hammer. He is a robotic monstrosity that will stop at nothing to complete his orders.


"My authority is...indisputable."
Major Maxim talking to Eddy Owen [src]

Major Maxim was among the Hammer operatives that raided Eddy Owen's house in England in search of the ancient helmet Eddy possessed. During the inevitable fight with the Danger Girls, Maxim drove the Destructonaut tank that pushed Eddy's house over the cliff.

On Hammer Island, when the Hammer Fuhrer transformed into Aticleas, Maxim had his arm cut off by the Sword of Sovereignty. He was later washed away when the ocean water swept over the island.

He may still have life in his monstrous body...


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