Kid Dynamo
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes (color unknown)
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation Hammer
Weapons/Equipment Guns, knives, brass knuckles
First Appearance Danger Girl #2
"Cover me, Giggles!"
Kid Dynamo ordering around Mr. Giggles [src]

Kid Dynamo is a criminal who has ties with Hammer. Mister Giggles is his dumb henchman. He also has a distaste for the man calling himself The Peach.


Kid Dynamo, upon seeing Johnny Barracuda [src]

Kid Dynamo is a criminal and has a history with Johnny Barracuda. One incident was when Johnny shoved his head into a toilet bowl, giving Dynamo a "swirly".

Much later, at the soiree held at Hammer's Switzerland mansion, Dynamo had a plan to attack The Peach, but Johnny had unexpectedly interfered, causing him to attack Johnny instead.

Dynamo met up with Johnny yet again on Hammer Island. The fight ended with Johnny rolling Dynamo into a group of Hammer Shock Troops like a bowling ball.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Kid Dynamo is illustrated to look almost exactly like Hervé Villechaize, who played Nick Nack in the Roger Moore James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun.


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