Johnny Barracuda
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes (color unknown)
Place of Birth United States
Affiliation Central Intelligence Agency, Danger Girl
Weapons/Equipment Guns, his charm
First Appearance Danger Girl 2
"So what's my handle?"
Johnny Barracuda asking what his alias will be [src]

Johnny Barracuda is a Central Intelligence Agency operative that works closely with Danger Girl.


"Is it hot in here, girls, or is it just me?"
Johnny Barracuda speaking to the snow bunnies [src]

Johnny is suave, sophisticated and has the ability to charm any woman he pleases. Having been trained by the CIA, he is skilled in many fields.

He aided Abbey Chase in her escape from Hammer's mansion in Switzerland and fought off the Hammer Shock Troops that pursued them.

While attempting to retrieve the Helmet of Second Sight in England, Johnny was taken captive with Sydney Savage. They soon found themselves in a dungeon on Hammer Island. With the help of Sydney and Abbey, Johnny was able to escape with the Danger Girls before the island was destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Creators J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell based the character Johnny Barracuda on actor Bruce Campbell.


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