Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation (none)
Weapons/Equipment Lunchbox satellite dish,

Pineapple communicator

First Appearance Danger Girl 1
"Anything else I can do for you? Any questions?"
Duncan speaking to Deuce through the Pineapple communicator [src]

Duncan is an ally of Danger Girl. He has close connections with Deuce. Duncan is held in high esteem within the spy community and has access to countless gadgets. He also has a lovely young assistant.


"Assure him I'm hard at work and will contact him this evening."
Duncan giving orders to his assistant [src]

Duncan was an ally of Abbey Chase and helped her along with her job before she even joined Danger Girl. Duncan is the person that recommended Abbey to Deuce for his team.

Duncan later rescued Abbey, Agent Zero, Silicon Valerie, and Eddy Owen after they were left stranded in the ocean when Natalia Kassle and Hammer stole the Sword of Sovereignty and destroyed the Orca.

Behind the scenesEdit

While working for a spy organization, Duncan often wears shorts and Hawaiian shirts and is pretty laid-back and easy-going. This closely resembles the character traits of Jake Wade, an ally of James Bond from the Bond films of the 1990's.


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