Donavin Conrad
Gender Male
Hair Bald (black toupee)
Eyes Blue
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation (none)
Weapons/Equipment Pistol
First Appearance Danger Girl Preview
"I guess she just couldn't resist the old Donavin charm."
Donavin Conrad speaking to the Golden Skull of Koo Koo Diego regarding Abbey Chase [src]

Donavin Conrad is a life-long enemy of Abbey Chase. He's very rich, very egotistical and loves only two things: money and himself. He's also bald, so he wears a toupee. At one point, he owned multiple homes and a yacht, all of which were destroyed by Abbey. He also lost his right eye because of her.


"You see, my dear, I, Donavin Conrad, am a winner!"
Donavin Conrad talking to Abbey Chase [src]

Abbey Chase had been causing trouble for Donavin for most of his life. But after she destroyed much of his property, he finally captured Abbey at his villa in Costa Rica. But when a precisely timed explosion blew up his villa, Abbey escaped the clutches of Donavin's goons. Fearing Abbey would stop him and steal the Golden Skull of Koo Koo Diego, Donavin fled in his speedboat.

To Donavin's surprise, Abbey managed to catch up with him. She punched him, took the Golden Skull and escaped the speedboat. Donavin was left to die as the speedboat went over a waterfall on Dead Man's Pass in Katatanga Bay.

Behind the scenesEdit

One of the first pop culture references in the entire Danger Girl series involved Donavin. It happened in the Danger Girl Preview issue. Once the explosion occurs and Abbey breaks free from the goons, Donavin escapes through a trap door in the ground, similar to Mola Ram escaping Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


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