Gender Male
Hair Gray
Eyes (unknown)
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation Danger Girl
Weapons/Equipment Danger Yacht
First Appearance Danger Girl 1
"You may call me -- Deuce."
Deuce introducing himself to Abbey Chase [src]

Deuce is a former British spy, who is currently leading the Danger Girl team. He has near unlimited resources to help the Girls on their missions.



"I was an MI-6 agent on Her Majesty's Sercret Service."
Deuce talking about his past [src]

In the 1960's, Deuce was a British spy working to avert Word War III. He worked alongside beautiful women, drove fast cars, and cheated death numerous times.

When the Soviet threat ended in 1991 marking the end of the Cold War, the organization Deuce worked for was stripped down to it's bare bones and they made major cut-backs. Deuce was one of those cut-backs.

Danger GirlEdit

Deuce [src]

In the 1990's, the remnants of both the Nazis and the Soviets formed a union and were building a new army of shock troops. Upon discovering that, the British government called Deuce back into action. He inevitably formed Danger Girl. He had recruited Natalia Kassle, Sydney Savage and Silicon Valerie. And upon request from Duncan, the last member he recruited was Abbey Chase.

Deuce led the teams mission to acquire the three pieces of the mystical armor once owned by Aticleas. He and Valerie orchestrated the mission from the Danger Yacht.

While the Girls were away, the Yacht was attacked by Hammer. They stole the Shield of Immunity and blew up the vessel. Deuce barely escaped with his life. His ponytail was burned off in the explosion.

He managed to catch up with the Girls later using the Danger Yacht Mark II.

Behind the scenesEdit


Deuce as an MI-6 operative in the 1960's

The creators of Danger Girl made Deuce an older version of James Bond. Deuce's past even matched that of the Bond character. Artist J. Scott Campbell illustrated Deuce to resemble actor Sean Connery, who portrayed James Bond in the films in the 1960's.


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