Danger Girl Preview
"Prelude to Danger!"
Writer Andy Hartnell

J. Scott Campbell

Penciler J. Scott Campbell
Inker Alex Garner
Colorist Joe Chiodo

Martin Jimenez

Ben Dimagmaliw

Guy Major

Justin Ponsor

Letterer Richard Starkings

Dave Lanphear

Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Editor Scott Dunbier
Publisher Image Comics
Publication Date December 1997
Pages 16
Series Danger Girl
Issue Preview
Preceded by -
Followed by Danger Girl 1

Danger Girl Preview was the first comic book ever released in the Danger Girl series. It was a 16 page full color book released in December 1997 that introduced the world of Danger Girl. The first 8 pages were actual story. The remaining 8 pages were early concept sketches by penciler J. Scott Campbell. There were also three variant covers.



Abbey escaping the gunfire

In Costa Rica, relic hunter Abbey Chase is held captive by Donavin Conrad, and he holds the Golden Skull of Koo Koo Diego, the priceless treasure Abbey was after. Donavin tries to charm her before killing her, but a perfectly timed explosion creates a good enough diversion for Abbey to make her escape. As the chase begins, Donavin disappears and escapes in his speedboat.

Wanting to get the Skull back from Donavin, Abbey commandeers a jeep and follows Donavin's boat alongside the water. Being shot at by some of Donavin's goons, Abbey was forced off a cliff. She tries steering the jeep, but she and the vehicle end up going over the edge.




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Donavin escaping through a trap door

  • Once the explosion occurs and Abbey breaks free from the goons, Donavin escapes through a trap door in the ground, similar to Mola Ram escaping Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • During Abbey's escape, she crosses the river by jumping across the alligators, which is what James Bond did in Live and Let Die. But one of the alligators snaps and catches the butt of Abbey's pants. She then comments, "This never happened to Roger Moore!" Roger Moore was the actor who portrayed Bond in the film to which that scene references.

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