Danger Girl #7
"Into the Danger Zone!"
Writer J. Scott Campbell

Andy Hartnell

Penciler J. Scott Campbell
Inker Richard Friend

Sandra Hope

Scott Williams

Art Thibert

Colorist David Baron

Justin Ponsor

Guy Major

Letterer Richard Starkings

Wes Abbott

Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Editor Scott Dunbier
Publisher DC Comics
Publication Date February 2001
Pages 48
Series Danger Girl
Issue #7
Preceded by Danger Girl 6
Followed by -

Danger Girl #7 is the final issue in the original Danger Girl mini-series. It was a 48 page full color book released in February 2001 that concluded the story of Abbey Chase's first mission with the team.


The Final ConfrontationEdit

As Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda make their escape from their prison cell, Abbey Chase heads for the control room. Elsewhere in the complex, Agent Zero and Assassin X continue their fight.

Abbey eventually finds Sydney and Johnny and, together, they all head out to the island's surface...where they run into Natalia Kassle. During Hammer's ceremony, the mystical armor transforms Hammer's Fuhrer into a mythical god-like man, Aticleas.

As Aticleas begins destroying the island with his magic, everyone joins in to try and stop him, except Zero and Assassin X, who are still far below in the lower levels of the complex battling it out.

Above, as the island gets destroyed, Aticleas goes along with it. Natalie ends up falling from a helicopter down to the exploding island and to her doom.

As the Danger Girls reach safety, they celebrate the victory and gladly welcome Abbey to the team, making her an official member. Later, it is revealed that Zero survived the catastrophic explosions...and Major Maxim may have survived as well...




Natalia falls to her death


Vehicles and vesselsEdit



Pop culture referencesEdit

  • The ceremony on Hammer Island was extremely similar to the final climactic scenes from the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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