Danger Girl #6
"Dangerous Destinies"
Writer J. Scott Campbell

Andy Hartnell

Penciler J. Scott Campbell
Inker McWeeney

Scott Williams

Alex Garner

Sandra Hope


Colorist Justin Ponsor
Letterer Richard Starkings

Wes Abbott

Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Editor Scott Dunbier
Publisher DC Comics
Publication Date December 1999
Pages 32
Series Danger Girl
Issue #6
Preceded by Danger Girl 5
Followed by Danger Girl 7

Danger Girl #6 is the issue when readers discover who and what exactly Hammer is. It was a 32 page full color book released in December 1999 that continued the story of Abbey Chase's first mission with the team.



When Abbey Chase and Agent Zero are rescued from the Atlantic Ocean after an attack by Hammer troops, the team rendezvouses with Deuce in Monaco. They then decide to head out to Hammer Island to rescue Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda, and put a stop to Hammer's evil plans.

Hammer IslandEdit

While being held captive on the island, Sydney and Johnny find out what Hammer is up to. By seducing one of the guards, Sydney manages to escape their jail cell.

Elsewhere on the island, Abbey and Zero arrive. After they splitting up Abbey interrogates and knocks out one of the sentries and she heads for Sydney and Johnny. Meanwhile, Zero runs into one of his oldest friends: Assassin X.




Abbey and Zero infiltrating Hammer Island


Vehicles and vesselsEdit




Pop culture referencesEdit

  • Hammer Island was inspired by Cobra Island from G.I. Joe.
  • The battle (and relationship) between Agent Zero and Assassin X very closely resembles that of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, also from G.I. Joe.

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