Danger Girl #5
"Dangerous When Wet"
Writer J. Scott Campbell

Andy Hartnell

Penciler J. Scott Campbell
Inker Alex Garner
Colorist Justin Ponsor
Letterer Richard Starkings

Wes Abbott

Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Editor Scott Dunbier
Publisher DC Comics
Publication Date July 1999
Pages 32
Series Danger Girl
Issue #5
Preceded by Danger Girl 4
Followed by Danger Girl 6

Danger Girl #5 finally unveils Agent Zero, who helps the Danger Girls recover one more artifact. It was a 32 page full color book released in July 1999 that continued the story of Abbey Chase's first mission with the team.



While Deuce battles Hammer Shock Troops aboard the Danger Yacht, Agent Zero rescues Abbey Chase, Silicon Valerie and Eddy Owen from the cliff-face where Eddy's house used to sit.

Sydney and JohnnyEdit

Elsewhere, in a dungeon somewhere, Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda find themselves captive. They witness Doctor Kharnov von Kripplor's biological experiment that causes a man to turn into a hulking monster, then explode.

The OceanEdit

Somewhere in the North Atlantic, Abbey, Val and Eddy board a ship owned by Agent Zero's friend Tunaka.

Using the Sea Turtle, a high-tech submersible supplied by Deuce, Abbey and Zero go deep underwater to the ocean floor to find an ancient sword hidden in an old Nazi submarine. While they were down there, they were attacked by Hammer troops who stole the sword from them. They quickly found out that Natalia Kassle was in fact alive and was working for Hammer! Natalia had tracked Abbey with the ring she gave her.


The Sea Turtle




Vehicles and vesselsEdit




Pop culture referencesEdit

  • Many of the different Hammer troops, ships and weapons were inspired by G.I. Joe, as was Agent Zero.
  • Tunaka very closely resembles Mr. Katanga from the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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