Danger Girl #4
"Maximum Danger"
Writer J. Scott Campbell

Andy Hartnell

Penciler J. Scott Campbell
Inker Alex Garner
Colorist Justin Ponsor
Letterer Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Editor Scott Dunbier
Publisher Image Comics
Publication Date December 1998
Pages 32
Series Danger Girl
Issue #4
Preceded by Danger Girl 3
Followed by Danger Girl 5

Danger Girl #4 shows the Danger Girls fighting Hammer for another ancient artifact, a helmet. Most of the story takes place in Eddy Owen's house. It was a 32 page full color book released in December 1998 that continued the story of Abbey Chase's recruitment into the team.


The flight to EnglandEdit

While en route to England, Abbey Chase questions whether or not she made the right choice in joining Danger Girl. Then, to her surprise, Natalia Kassle, whom Abbey had butted heads with since joining, gave her a token of friendship, a ring.

Aboard the Danger YachtEdit

While the Girls were on their way to England, Agent Zero paid Deuce a visit on the Danger Yacht. They briefly discussed "contributions" and counter-intelligence.


As the Danger Girls arrived at Eddy Owen's house in England, they find the place trashed and Eddy unconscious. There, they found out that the artifacts they had been following were from the mythical island of Atlantis. When Eddy finally woke up, he showed the Girls what he hid from Hammer: an ancient helmet.

Hammer agents suddenly showed up out of nowhere and a fight broke out within the house. Hammer eventually stole the helmet and kidnapped Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda. Then they used a tank to push the burning house off a cliff and into the water below. During all the commotion, Natalia was shot.

Major Maxim attacking Abbey Chase.




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