Danger Girl #3
"Dangerous Curves"
Writer J. Scott Campbell

Andy Hartnell

Penciler J. Scott Campbell
Inker Alex Garner
Colorist Guy Major

Justin Ponsor

Letterer Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Editor Scott Dunbier
Publisher Image Comics
Publication Date August 1998
Pages 32
Series Danger Girl
Issue #3
Preceded by Danger Girl 2
Followed by Danger Girl 4

Danger Girl #3 shows the Danger Girls finally acquiring the "Shield of Immunity" they've been chasing for the past 2 issues. It was a 32 page full color book released in August 1998 that continued the story of Abbey Chase's recruitment into the team.



As a fight breaks out in the bottom floor of Hammer's Switzerland mansion, Abbey Chase manages to incapacitate The Peach and get her hands on the ancient shield they have been trying to track down.

When Hammer Shock Troops march upstairs to find Abbey, she leaps out of the window with the shield, landing in the snow on the ground below. At the same moment, Johnny Barracuda is thrown out a first floor window and meets up with Abbey.

The two of them hop on a snowmobile and escape the mansion with the shield. They battle other Hammer troops along the way then find themselves in the path of an avalanche.

After racing off a cliff and escaping the avalanche, they find a small cabin where they wait to be picked up by the rest of the Danger Girl team.

After being rescued by Sydney Savage and Natalia Kassle, Silicon Valerie informs Abbey of their next assignment: getting to the next ancient artifact before Hammer does.


While Eddy Owen is at his home in England, he gets a surprise visit from a small group of Hammer operatives who plan on stealing the same artifact that the Danger Girls are now after.




Abbey and Johnny outrunning an avalanche


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Pop culture referencesEdit

  • The fact that Abbey Chase and Johnny Barracuda were being chased by bad guys on skis is very similar to scenes from many of the James Bond films.
  • Eddy Owen's game "Enchantment the Congregating" is making fun of the real-world card game "Magic: the Gathering".

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