(real name unknown)
Gender Male
Hair (color unknown)
Eyes (color unknown)
Place of Birth (unknown)
Affiliation Hammer
Weapons/Equipment Guns, swords and other ninja stuff
First Appearance Danger Girl 3
"Our alliance ended long ago, old friend."
Assassin X talking to Agent Zero [src]

Assassin X is a ninja and an operative working for Hammer. He is blind but is still able to sense everything around him.


"Though blind, I still see many things, Zero"
Assassin X addressing Agent Zero [src]

Much of Assassin X's past is unknown. He works for Hammer and was like a brother to Agent Zero. They even had the same sensei. At some point, for reasons unknown, Zero left Hammer and later began working with Deuce. The two ninja's hated each other after that.

The two met again deep in the lower levels of the fortress on Hammer Island, where Assassin X was killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Creators J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell based the character Agent Zero on G.I. Joe character Storm Shadow.


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