Abbey Chase
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Place of Birth United States
Affiliation Danger Girl
Weapons/Equipment Guns
First Appearance Danger Girl Preview
"So I'm not in any trouble?"
Abbey Chase speaking to Deuce [src]

Abbey Chase is the main character of the Danger Girl series.


"I don't think I'm cut out for this. I'm no spy."
Abbey Chase speaking to Deuce [src]

Before joining Danger Girl, Abbey was a relic hunter and an expert in mystical artifacts and ancient civilizations. Many countries considered her an outlaw and a criminal. She was an expert marksman and fluent in many different languages. She would also get some help from Duncan from time to time.

After tracking down the Golden Skull of Koo Koo Diego and being rescued by the Danger Girls in Costa Rica, Deuce explained that they wanted to recruit her for the team. She was reluctant at first, but finally agreed to it.

After chasing The Peach across Europe, Abbey was finally able to get her hands on the ancient shield Deuce sent them to find.

While trying to acquire the Helmet of Second Sight in England, Hammer succeeds in taking the helmet for themselves. Upon losing the helmet, Abbey and Agent Zero head to the bottom of the ocean in the Sea Turtle in search of the Sword of Sovereignty, which was also taken by Hammer.

The Danger Girls inevitably infiltrated Hammer Island. After facing the turncoat Natalia Kassle, Abbey used a helicopter and fired missiles at a dam that caused ocean water to wash over the Island, destroying Hammer, the armor and the island.

Behind the scenesEdit

Creators J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell made the character Abbey Chase a female version of a cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones.


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